We established Qatar, we will purge it and get it back, says Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim


RIYADH: We established Qatar and must purge the country and “rescue it before it plunges into chaos and is manipulated by corrupt people,” Qatar’s Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim has told a tribal meeting of Saudis at Jouf Bani Hajjer in the east of the country.
The country is not in the hands of its true people but “we will get it back,” he said. “We haven’t changed our position nor changed our ethics or disavowed our values, and we will never waver. We all carry the task of rescuing Qatar on our shoulders … We kept silent in the past,” Suhaim added, “not out of weakness or vulnerability, but rather out of hope that our brothers come back to their senses and abandon prejudice, but patience has limits.”
Tens of thousands of Saudis from the Bani Hajjer and Qahtan tribes had gathered to honor Shafi bin Nasser Al-Hajjeri, chief of the Bani Hajjer tribe, after he and family members had been stripped of their Qatari nationality and driven out of Qatar following the escalation of the Saudi-Qatari crisis.
Suhaim, who is from the Qahtan tribe and also attended the event, told them: “I’m pleased to stand with you and proud to see that this celebration extends over a large area with a lot of loud cheering. I’m not here to sympathize with Sheikh Shafi because the (stripping him from) his nationality does not harm him nor even decrease his worth.
“We are responsible in front of King Salman, the crown prince, and leaders of brotherly countries to make sure that Qatar does not remain a refuge for terrorism and corruption,” Suhaim continued. “I say to the authority in Doha that action speaks louder than words … Qatar is not at the hands of its true people, but we will get it back.
“We would be traitors to our country and history if we allow its puppet leaders to mess around and betray its neighbors and take away all its resources. I’m with you, and together we will write our history one way or another, and we can do it.”

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