Al-Saadi Qaddafi is still in prison, claims Libyan prosecutor


LONDON: The Libyan prosecutor general’s office has allayed the fears of late President Muammar Qaddafi’s family that his son Al-Saadi Qaddafi has “disappeared” from prison in Tripoli, Asharq Al-Awsat reported.

The office said: “He is present, has not left the prison and will be put on trial.”The Qaddafi family announced last week that they had “lost contact with Al-Saadi some time ago and could not find out where he was, or what his circumstances were.”

The family added: “All we know is that he is being held hostage in a prison run by the militias in the capital.”

However, the head of the investigations department at the Libyan prosecutor general’s office said: “The defendant Al-Saadi Al-Qaddafi is currently being tried for the charges against him according to Libyan law.”

Al-Saadi is Qaddafi’s third son and was a former deputy commander of security units in the old regime. The current authorities accuse him of involvement in suppressing the revolution that overthrew his father’s rule.

Al-Saadi escaped to Niger in 2011 but he was later handed over to the Libyan authorities in 2014.

He has been held in a prison in Tripoli since then whilst his trial has been postponed several times.

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