Israeli group faults response to crimes against Palestinians


JERUSALEM: An Israeli rights group said authorities only bring indictments in about one in 10 ideologically motivated attacks by Israelis against Palestinians in the occupied territories.

In an annual report published on Sunday, Yesh Din said it has monitored 225 investigation files since 2014. Of the 185 files processed, it said just 21 have resulted in indictments — an 11.4 percent rate. Though the figures mark an increase over previous years, the group said its findings still show that Israel “fails to fulfil its duty to guarantee the safety of the Palestinian public in the occupied territories.”

As a result, it said Palestinians have been increasingly refraining from turning to police.

Yesh Din is often critical of Israeli authorities and government policies in the West Bank. Israeli police had no immediate comment.

Ban imposed
Israel has published a list of 20 organizations from around the globe whose members are banned from entering the country for advocating boycotts of Israel over its treatment of Palestinians.
Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan said on Sunday that the groups blacklisted are the main ones who “operate consistently and continuously” against Israel using a “campaign of incitement and lies.”

The list is part of an Israeli effort against an international movement calling for boycotts, sanctions and divestment over Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians.

It is not clear how the ban will be enforced, but it could affect thousands of people.

Among the groups is the US-based Jewish Voice for Peace, which counts more than 13,000 members. Groups from France, Chile and South Africa are also among those banned.

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