USA: Dahlan is as dangerous as Hamas


WASHINGTON:Well informed western sources have revealed that the American Administration is taking a rigid position from Mohammed Dahlan, the Palestinian leader and representative at the legislative council, as his views are opposing the American efforts exerted for the benefit of the peace process, even before Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.

The Sources said that prolonged discussions took place at the US administration for the “post-Abbas” period, the discussions involved the peace envoys: Greenblatt and Kushner and the US ambassador in Tel-Aviv: “Thomas Friedman”. Sources say that “Washington believes that Dahlan has saved Hamas and convinced Cairo to continue its talks with the Islamic movement.

and his last positions were considered as incitements against Oslo, and a call for withdrawal from the agreement and declaring a Palestinian State under occupation, which can only be seen as an escalation against the peace process, as perceived by the current US administration”.

they as well, advised that the current administration embraces Obama’s view of Dahlan, as the former Secretary of State, “John Kerry” accused him in the Quartet Meeting in the Austrian Capital; Vienna, back in 2010, that he is as dangerous as Hamas, and Washington refuses to grant him a visa to enter the US from that date forward.

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