UAE lodges complaint with UN over Qatar war planes

RIYADH: The UAE has lodged a complaint with the United Nations to say Qatari war planes intercepted its civilian aircraft in an unjustified escalation of a regional dispute, state news agency WAM said on Thursday.
The UAE said on Monday that Qatari air force jets had intercepted two UAE civilian aircraft on routine commercial flights to Bahrain. Qatar has said the claims are “completely untrue.”
The complaint was in the form of a note submitted to both the UN Security Council president and the UN General Assembly president. It said the interception was a threat to the safety of the civil flights a breach to the rules of international law, WAM reported.
The note stated that the UAE viewed Monday’s actions by the Qatari fighter jets as “irresponsible behavior” and an “unjustifiable escalation and threat to the safety of civil flights.”
The UAE, along with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt, has imposed travel, diplomatic and trade sanctions on Qatar since last June, accusing it of supporting terrorism.
Qatar denies the charge and has accused the four countries of trying to make it conform to their foreign policy positions.
The UAE has banned Qatari aircraft from using its airspace as part of the restrictions imposed since June. Qatar has not reciprocated.


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