Yemeni army dismantles scores of explosives in liberated areas of Saada


DUBAI: Engineers from the Yemeni army have dismantled scores of land mines, improvised explosive devices and guided missiles that were found in sites liberated last week in Saada province, the Saudi-state run news agency (SPA) said.

A military source said the clearance unit of the 84th Infantry Brigade cleared large areas in areas of Umm Al-Adab, Aleeb and Amoud Al-Sawra, as well as Souk Al-Biqaa and the main road — of all explosives left behind by the Houthi terrorists.

The source said in a statement quoted on the Yemeni armed forces site “September 26” that the engineering teams had also dismantled remote-control rockets used by the Houthis to attack the national army camps.

He added that the mine removal units, with the support of Arab coalition, continue to secure the liberated areas.

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