Situation between Iran, Syria and Israel may be de-escalated, but it’s likely to heat up again


After a tense confrontation with Iran and Syria, officials in Israel believe the hostile situation is deescalated — for now.

An Israeli helicopter detected and captured an Iranian drone Saturday as it crossed into Israeli airspace.

The drone had come from a control center in Syria.

Israeli military attacked the drone’s command and control vehicle in northern Syria. The two countries have technically been at war since the Six-Day War in 1967. Israel and Iran are also in opposition and Israel has issued warnings to keep their movements away from the border.

This was the first time Israel admitted to an attack. Previous strikes in recent years have mostly been aimed at arms and weapons shipments meant for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

In another first, Syria retaliated by sending out an air-defense missile, which downed an Israeli F-16 fighter jet and left two pilots wounded.

The Israeli strike that followed in Syria was referred to by on Air Force genearal as the “largest and most significant” since 1982.

Syria and Iran officials say they don’t want more confrontations with Israel, but they’re threatening to respond with anti-aircraft fire if Israel takes any further action.

Iranian officials are also taking the opportunity to claim the successful strike on the plane has changed the rules of interaction in the north.

Israel, on the other hand, instructed local authorities in the Golan Heights and in the Galilee to return to their normal routines, and after a day of high alert, local situation rooms returned to normal on Sunday.

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