Iran claims it kept Assad from giving up in 2015


Iranians are now saying they prevented the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2015 and convinced him to keep fighting for governmental control.

The Iranian Mehr agency reports that Ali Agha Mohammadi confirmed Assad was ready to flee the palace.

However, Iranian Major General Houssein Hamedani, who was killed in Syria in 2015, returned to Iran to communicate that Assad planned to step down.

In response, Hamedani reported to Assad that he shouldn’t worry and that 10,000 arms would be delivered to civilians to protect him.

Hamedani was the most senior Iranian military officer to be killed in a foreign mission since the 1979 Islamic revolution. Rebels killed him in Aleppo in 2015.

He had recruited 80,000 Syrian militants.

Statements like these frustrate pro-regime supporters who have sacrificed their lives for Assad and believe Iran wants all the credit.

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