Syria rejects U.N.-led idea to alter constitution


The Syrian government rejected the United Nation’s efforts Tuesday to form a committee to rewrite Syria’s constitution, according to Reuters.

The idea for the committee was the result of a peace congress last month between Syrian groups.

At a press conference in Damascus, assistant to the Syrian Foreign Minister Ayman Soussan said Syria is not bound by any committee that is not Syrian-led.

The committee was set up by the Sochi congress, which is what Reuters called a “centerpiece of diplomatic efforts by Damascus’ ally Russia to end the war.”

Over the seven years of conflict in Syria, the U.N. has sponsored peace talks nine times, and none have succeeded in bringing the country together.

The Syrian government announced in 2012 that citizens voted overwhelmingly in favor of a constitution referendum, which dropped a clause to give Assad’s party a monopoly on power.

Critics bashed the claim as a sham.

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