Turkey sentences six journalists to life, indicts another


By Middle East Affairs

News agency Anadolu reports three prominent journalists in Turkey were sentenced Friday to life in prison for helping the network that was blamed for a failed coup in 2016, although Turkey’s highest court had ordered one of them to be released.

Economics professor and journalist Mehmet Altan and his brother Ahmet were charged with giving coded messages during a television talk show one day before the July 15 attempted coup, according to Reuters.

Nazli Ilicak, another journalist, was also sentenced to life in prison.

Three other journalists received the same sentence for “trying to abolish the constitution and overthrow the government,” Reuters reports.

In other news, a German-Turkish journalist has been detained for a year on accusations of security offenses, but according to Reuters, a court decided to release him pending trial.

A Turkish court has accepted an indictment for Deniz Yucel that will seek up to 18 years in jail for “spreading terrorist propaganda” and “stirring enmity,” Reuters reports, but Yucel denies the accusations.


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