45 dead after another Syria raid


By Middle East Affairs

More air strikes hit the rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta in Syria on Tuesday, killing 45 people, AFP reports.

This is the third day of another regime bombing campaign.

Of those who died, 12 were children, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Today’s strikes come just one day after the deadliest raids in Eastern Ghouta since 2015, where at least 127 civilians died, 39 of them children.

Eastern Ghouta has been rebel-held since 2012 in the now seven-year civil war. It’s the last opposition stronghold in Damascus, and President Bashar al-Assad is looking to regain control with what looks like will be a ground assault very soon.

Rebels also attack residential neighborhoods east of Damascus, and on Tuesday there were at least two people killed and 13 wounded by rebel fire, AFP reports.

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