Abbas at Security Council calls for a peace conference mid-2018 to recognise Palestine


The Security Council in New York convened on Tuesday to discuss developments in the Middle East and the future of the peace process in Palestine.

President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the session, which started with an update to the council members by the UN special envoy to Palestine Nicolas Mladenov.

In his remarks Mladenov said that Palestinians are suffering due to Israel’s excessive use of violence and that the settlements are an obstacle to peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Abbas accused the UN of failing the Palestinians and leaving them without a viable solution.

He also condemned Israel for acting as a state “above international law.” On Jerusalem, Abbas criticized Washington for pushing the fate of Jerusalem away from the negotiating table.

In his speech, President Abbas called for a multilateral international peace conference to work on finding a solution between Israel and Palestine.

The talks according to President Abbas should be held later this year and should call on the UN to recognise an independent Palestine.

The peace conference should also serve as a platform for mutual recognition between the Israel and Palestine.

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, expressed disappointment that President Abbas left the room when the American official started her speech, in a clear snub to the US representative since President Trump decided to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem. Haley said that many have opposed the ambassy dedcision, “You don’t have to like that decision…But that decision will not change” she said.

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