Crashed passenger plane found in Iran


By Middle East Affairs

After two days of deterred searching in bad weather, Iranian military have found the wreckage of a crashed passenger plane on top of a mountain, Reuters reports.

Revolutionary Guards confirmed on state television Tuesday that the flight crashed 50 minutes into its journey to the southwestern city of Yasuj.

Authorities believe none of the 65 people on board survived.

This crash, Reuters reports, adds to the country’s fears of its aging fleet of aircraft.

The plane was over 24 years old, according to the news agency, and the Flight Safety Foundation’s website says it had been restored to service only three months ago after sitting in storage for six years.

Iran has experienced several plane crashes in the past few decades. Reuters says the government blames U.S. sanctions for “preventing it from importing new aircraft or spare parts.”

Some of the sanctions were lifted by an international nuclear deal with Iran, but still, older planes remain in service.

The Aseman Airlines flight was from Tehran to Yasuj. The wreckage was picked up by a military drone, and two helicopters came in to confirm it.


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