7 bodies recovered after plane crash in Iran


By Middle East Affairs

After a plane crashed in Iran on Sunday, rescue teams have so far been able to retrieve seven bodies of the 65 passengers, reports Mizan, the official news site of the Iranian judiciary.

There were no survivors in the crash, which happened in the mountains of southwest Iran.

The state media reported that 32 bodies have been found and the rest are buried under ice and snow.

“The first team that went to the crash site was able to bring back a few of the bodies of those who lost their lives and deliver them to the medical authorities at the bottom of the mountain a few minutes ago,” said Mohsen Momeni, the director of the Isfahan branch of the Red Crescent.

Momeni had been speaking with the semi-official Mehr news agency.

Iran has suffered several plane crashes in the past decade, and the government blames its aging aircraft carriers on the United States sanctions that hurt the country’s economy and barred Iran from importing new aircraft.

The international nuclear deal with Iran in 2015 lifted sanctions and made it possible for the country to buy new aircraft, but some old carriers are still in use.

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