Iran won’t seek nuclear weapons, but will drop deal if economy doesn’t benefit


By Middle East Affairs

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said Thursday that Iran would pull from the 2015 international nuclear deal if the country does not see an economic benefit, Reuters reports.

U.S. sanctions over the country’s nuclear program left it unable to do business with many countries and corporations, and this had a detrimental effect on the economy.

However, with the 2015 nuclear deal signed by Britain, China, Germany, Russia, France and the United States, banks should resume business with the Islamic Republic.

Araqchi said if that doesn’t happen, and if Iran does not see its economy improve, there’s no benefit to the deal and the country will withdraw.

U.S. President Donald Trump is a direct threat to the deal, as he said Jan. 12 he would refuse to extend the relief on U.S. sanctions unless the participating countries “fix the terrible flaws” of the agreement that was signed under former President Barack Obama’s administration.

Trump has until May 12 to suspend the sanctions.

Reuters reports that Araqchi said the deal will not survive even if Trump decided to extend the sanction relief because there is a state of confusion that’s leaving banks unsure of whether it’s wise to invest in Iran.

Trump claims there are three issues with the deal: it doesn’t address Iran’s ballistic missile program; international inspectors should have more authorization when visiting possible Iranian nuclear sites; and the sunset clause after 10 years that lifts Iran’s nuclear limits.

Araqchi says the sunset clause isn’t real because Iran’s commitment to the deal is “permanent.”

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