Autopsy results show Palestinian protester died by gunshot wound


By Middle East Affairs

After Israeli military initially reported that a Palestinian protester died overnight Thursday of tear gas inhalation, new autopsy reports show he died of a close-range gunshot wound, according to the Palestinian Authority on Prisoners Affairs.

Yasin al-Saradih, 33, clashed with Israeli military overnight in Jericho when he ran toward them with an iron bar. Israeli military shot him at close range and claim it was in reaction to Saradih reaching for a weapon.

Surveillance video shows Saradih fall to the ground after the shot and Israeli military surround and beat him.

While Saradih’s family believed he was killed from the beating, Israeli military maintained that he died of tear gas inhalation that was dispersed among more than 50 protesters.

However, an autopsy report — with a Palestinian physician present — shows Saradih died by a gunshot wound to the lower abdomen.

The head of the Prisoners’ Affairs Authority, Issa Qaraqa’a, said the Israeli military did not specify when it would hand over Saradih’s body.

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