U.S. politicians egged by Palestinian protesters


By Middle East Affairs

Palestinians began throwing eggs at New York City council members as they visited the occupied West Bank on Thursday, according to AFP reporters.

Members of the council as well as civil society groups were meeting with a Palestinian polling company in Ramallah, the news agency reports, and as they left the protesters began throwing eggs at them and chased their bus.

Palestinians are experiencing growing resentment toward the United States as Donald Trump announced Dec. 6 he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Palestinians view the eastern part of the city as their future capital.

AFP reports protesters held signs reading “The U.S. is part of the problem, not the solution.”

In response, the State Department put out a statement.

“The United States absolutely opposes the use of violence or intimidation to express political views,” it said.

“This type of action is unmistakably counterproductive to Palestinian interests; it serves only to ensure that Americans are unable to hear or consider Palestinian perspectives.”

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