Egypt army kills 11 terrorists and destroys 375 hideouts

DUBAI: Egyptian military have killed 11 terrorists in various operations in north and central Sinai, Saudi state news channel reported citing spokesman Col. Tamer Rifai.
Rifai said police forces destroyed a number of terrorist targets and weaponry during the past four days, as part of the ongoing operation “Sinai 2018.”
The air force destroyed 20 targets and a number of bases used by terrorists as a launching pad, while artillery shelled 185 targets in the areas of operations, the statement added.
Rifai said the city of Al-Arish was seized by soldiers while eliminating seven armed militants during clashes. An underground weapons cache was also discovered filled with rocket propelled grenades.
The statement added that 375 hideouts, a shelter, a storehouse and trenches equipped with engineering equipment for the fighters were found.
Large quantities of ammunition, grenades and detonators were also found, while 18 vehicles and 71 motorcycles were destroyed.


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