Egyptian president warns defamation is treason


By Middle East Affairs

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi said Thursday that defamation against the military is high treason and will be “met with the law,” AFP reports.

These comments are amid complaints from authorities that local and foreign media are shelling out unfair coverage.

Though he didn’t specifically say who he was referring to, human rights group Amnesty International had just made a claim that the military had used banned cluster bombs in its campaign agains the Islamic State, according to AFP.

Other media had reported that military operations in the Sinai region had caused food shortages for the people who lived there.

Sissi said at a ceremony to inaugurate the “New El Alamein” city in western Egypt that he also realizes there might be more equal coverage if authorities would loosen the restrictions on media at the front lines in Sinai.

He said the journalists would be able to “see how (soldiers and policemen) are dying,” according to AFP.

The Egyptian military claims to have killed scores of jihadists while losing the lives of seven soldiers.

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