Satellite images reveal new Iranian base in Syria: Fox News


Iran has built a new military base near Damascus operated by the terrorist Al-Quds brigade, according to the US Fox News network.

The network said satellite surveillance images show a new base eight miles northwest of Damascus that experts believe could be a storage facility for short and medium-range missiles. The Iranian-made missiles “could reach most parts of Israel,” the broadcaster said.

Press reports earlier this year revealed that Iran had set up 10 military bases on Syrian territory, mainly for training pro-regime Syrian militias. Two of the bases were set close to the Syrian-Israeli border. Sources said that Iranian revolutionary guards trained more than 20,000 militants from various countries at the two sites.

Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman disputed the accuracy of Fox News report. “Don’t take every report in the media, even from a respected outlet like Fox, as an absolute thing,” he said in an interview with Israel Radio.

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