14 ‘Damascus loyalists’ dead after Turkish strikes


By Middle East Affairs

Turkish air strikes have killed at least 14 Syrian regime fighters in the northwestern enclave of Afrin, AFP reports.

Three Kurdish fighters were also killed in the strikes Thursday in Jamma, a village on the Turkish border, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitor.

Turkey-led Syrian rebels started an operation Jan. 20 in Afrin, as it’s under the control of the Kurdish YPG, which Turkey associated with terrorists.

Turkey suffered losses on Thursday, too, as it reported eight soldier deaths and 13 wounded.

The Syrian Observatory says the Turkish operation has killed more than 140 civilians, but Turkey denies it, claiming the military takes “utmost care” to avoid civilian casualties.

Turkey has also claimed the Afrin operation is not included in the 30-day ceasefire agreement from the UN Security Council, even though the United States and France say otherwise.

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