Israeli soldier admits to assaulting media to prevent coverage


By Middle East Affairs

More than five years after the initial incident, Israeli military are admitting to attacking Palestinian journalists who were “just walking in the street,” Haaretz reports.

On orders, the soldiers beat the journalists with batons and arrested them during a weekly demonstration in Kafr Qaddum in August 2012.

The order was to disrupt the reporters’ coverage of the event, according to the news agency.

One of the soldiers broke a photographer’s hand when he tried to protect himself from the soldier’s baton.

The photographer, Jaafar Shtayyeh, was representing Agence France-Presse.

Another photographer was wounded in the arms and legs and several cameras were broken, Haaretz says.

All the journalists were held under arrest for two hours and later told if they returned they would be arrested again.

“The journalists were walking together down a street in Kafr Qaddum, nowhere near the weekly demonstration against the closure of the road to Nablus due to the expansion of the settlement of Kedumim,” Haaretz reports.

The demonstrations had begun a year earlier and continue today.



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