Bahrain seizes armed network of 116 people it says Iran formed


By Middle East Affairs

Bahrain said Saturday it had detained 116 members of an armed group that was formed and supported by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and had intention to attack Bahrain’s government, Reuters reports.

According to the Bahraini interior ministry, investigators found militant sites where explosives were being manufactured and stored.

The Persian island country has experienced Arab Spring protests by Shi’ite Muslims for reforms, but it also has seen bomb attacks by militants, which the Sunni-led government blames on Iran, Reuters says.

Iran denies previous accusations and has yet to respond to this one.

The statement also said that 48 of those detained had received training at IRGC facilities in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon.

Investigators found explosives materials, automatic weapons, pistols and magnetic bombs and grenades, according to the statement.

Since 2016, Bahrain has jailed dissidents or stripped them of their citizenship and put the top Shi’ite spiritual leader under “de facto house arrest,” Reuters reports.

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