Yemen’s army continues its advance toward Sanaa


Yemeni forces have made advances in the Arhab directorate, northeast of Sanaa, after fierce clashes with Iran-backed Houthi militia, Saudi state-news channel Al-Ekhbariya reported.

A military source said that the army was able to advance to the region of Oran and assumed control of key positions on roads leading to the areas of Al-Jouf, Naham and Arhab.

The source said that three Houthi militia leaders and 17 militants were killed in the clashes, while the rest fled from their positions towardSanaa, leaving behind weaponry and equipment.

In the Naham district east of Sanaa, Yemeni forces reclaimed strategic positions from the Houthis after clashes that resulted in the death of 13 militants, including two prominent field commanders.

The army also launched an attack on militia positions on the Maimana Al-Maimana front ,north of Naham, which lead to the liberation of several strategic positions on the Al-Zilzal mountain range.

The army continued its advancement to reclaim the remaining areas north of the province of Dboua, after more intense skirmishes took place with Houthi fighters.

In Taiz, Yemeni forces liberated areas in the western corner of the province.

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