Qatar denies contact with Jared Kushner


By Middle East Affairs

After U.S. media reports claimed U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller contacted Qatar in relation to the Russian-U.S.2016 election probe, Qatar is now denying it.

Qatar’s Ambassador to the United States Meshal Hamad Al Thani tweeted that the reporting was false.

The reports claimed that Mueller’s team was looking at possible business ties between U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner’s foreign business and Trump’s foreign policies, which would be a conflict of interest.

Real estate company Kushner Companies met with Qatar’s former prime minister in December 2016 and with the former prime minister in April 2017, according to NBC.

The news agency reports that the alleged meetings were intended to secure funding for the company’s flagship property at 666 Fifth Avenue, which is said to be in debt by almost $1.5 billion.

Nothing came of the meetings, and the NBC report claims the United States retaliated by supporting the Saudi-led boycott against Qatar for supporting extremist Islamic groups, which Qatar denies.

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