Netanyahu opens up about talks with Trump


By Middle East Affairs

In an interview with reporters after his meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday in Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu touched on Iran and relations with Palestine.

He said the biggest topic of discussion was: “Iran, Iran and Iran.”

Trump must decide whether to impose nuclear sanctions on Iran again in May.

“He was very interested in my estimations and my recommendations,” Netanyahu told reporters. “Fully fix, or get rid of it, fully nix. This is what I told him.”

He said the two leaders discussed the Palestinians for about 15 minutes.

Trump is supposed to propose a peace agreement for Israel and Palestine but Netanyahu said in the conference that he did not see a draft of it.

As for Trump’s long-anticipated peace proposal, Netanyahu said he “did not see a draft” during the meeting.

According to BBC, Netanyahu “said Israel did not seek to govern the Palestinians but that Israel must retain overriding security control of the West Bank, which Palestinians seek for a state, arguing that the Palestinians are not capable of rooting out violence.”

“There is no ability by the Palestinians to deal with these things. Who does the job is the Israeli security forces,” Netanyahu told reporters. “You can say it will be good if we give them a state … empirically it doesn’t work with what we see.”

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