Netanyahu claims police are terrifying ‘witnesses’ into confessing


By Middle East Affairs

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that it was the fault of police that his confidants were forced to turn into witnesses against him, Haaretz reports.

“They take them into detention, terrify them and tell them: ‘Your life is over, your family’s life is over,'” he wrote on Facebook. “‘We’ll take everything from you, including your freedom. You want to get out of this? There’s one way – smear Netanyahu. It doesn’t matter if you tell the truth – the main thing is you smear Netanyahu.'”

He also recycled comments made by his associates earlier in the week, such as “when there is something real, there is no need for a single state witness, and when there is nothing, not a thousand state witnesses will help.”

Nir Hefetz, former spokesman and adviser to Netanyahu, agreed Sunday to turn over evidence to the police that would allegedly incriminate the prime minister.

Among other cases against him, Netanyahu is accused of bribing Israeli telecom company Bezeq to give him more flattering coverage. Hefetz is suspected of working as the middle man between the politician and communications giant.

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