Qatar accuses U.A.E. of seizing eight-man fishing boat


By Middle East Affairs

Qatar accused the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Friday of forcing Qatari fishers and their boat to enter Emirati waters at gunpoint, Reuters reports.

According to the news agency, Qatar has marine surveillance from Jan. 19 of a UAE naval ship obstructing and then commandeering the boat.

“The incident constituted a kidnapping and is a dangerous precedent and a severe violation of international norms,” a statement from the foreign ministry said.

Emirati authorities did not immediately respond to Reuters for comment.

This accusation is the latest development in a dispute between Qatar and its Gulf Arab neighbors.

In January, for example, the UAE said “Qatari air force jets had twice intercepted its civilian aircraft during routine flights to Bahrain, which Qatar denied,” Reuters reports.

Saudi Arabia began a boycott last June against Qatar, accusing it of having ties to terrorists. The UAE, Bahrain and Egypt joined the movement. Qatar denies the accusations.

The nations will attend a Gulf Cooperation Council summit later this year in the United States.


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