All in the family: Lebanese politicians seeking to inherit their parents’ seats


When Lebanon holds its Parliamentary election soon, almost one-fourth of the 128 seats are expected to be passed on from an older relative to another member of the family. Nineteen candidates are attempting to inherit the seats of their parents.

They are:

1. Nezar Mohsen Dalloul (Shiite) for Zahle district in Central Bekaa

2. Ziad Nazem Al-Qadery (Sunni) for Western Bekaa and Rashaya

3. Ali Sabri Bek Hmadeh (Shiite) for Baalbeck – Hermel

4. Amin Edmond Rizk (Greek Catholic) for Jezzine in South


5. Abdulrahman Nazih Al-Bizri (Sunni) for Saida district in South Lebanon

6. Ahmed Mouhammed Kamel Al-Assaad (Shiite) for Nabatiyeh district

7. Riad Saeed Al-Assaad (Shiite) for Zahrani district in South Lebanon

8. Fadi Issam Abou Jamra (Greek Orthodox) for Marjayoun and Hasbayya district

9. Walid Wajeeh Al-Baarini (Sunni) for Akkar district in North Lebanon

10. Mohammed Tareq Talal Al-Maraabi (Sunni) for Akkar district

11.Sami Ahmad Shawki Fatfat (Sunni) for Al-Danniyeh district in North Lebanon

12.Michel René Mouawwad (Maronite) for Zgharta district

13.Tony Suleiman Frangieh for Zgharta

14.Michelle Gebran Tueni (Greek Orthodox) for Beirut

15.Nadim Bachir Gemayel (Maronite) for Beirut

16.Omar Najah Wakim (Greek Orthodox) for Beirut

17.Zaher Walid Eido (Sunni) for Baabda district in Mount Lebanon

18.Taymour Walid Jumblatt (Druze) For the Shouf district in Mount Lebanon

19.Camille Michel Dory Chamoun (Maronite) for Al-Shouf district in Mount Lebanon.

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