E.U. to offer Turkey more cash to keep Syrian refugees


By Middle East Affairs

The European Union’s is supposed to approve another 3 billion euros for Syrian refugees living in Turkey, Reuters reports.

Europe’s relations with President Tayyip Erdogan have been tense in recent years but the E.U. depends on Turkey to keep Middle Eastern immigrants from making their way over to Europe, especially the Syrians who have been displaced by the seven-year civil war. Turkey is also looking to join the union now.

E.U. officials will meet Erdogan on March 26, according to Reuters.

Turkey has accepted 3.5 million refugees from Syria, and the European Union had already committed 3 billion euros previously to help them.

According to Reuters, “over a million more refugees and migrants reached the E.U. in 2015, most of them flowing through Turkey. Brussels agreed to pay to help host migrants on the Turkish soil in exchange for Ankara preventing more from trying to cross the Aegean to Greece.”

“This reduced the numbers to a trickle and this cooperation with a key NATO ally has muted E.U. action against Turkey over a crackdown on critics, dissenters and civil society following a failed coup in 2016,” Reuters says. “Erdogan has also attacked E.U. members Germany and the Netherlands in his speeches.”

The E.U. also plans to release a “critical” report in April on Turkey’s accession bid to the union.

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