Yemeni Interior Minister: We will give all support to the new UN envoy to achieve his mission

Yemen’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Ahmed Al-Misri confirmed the country’s legitimate government would cooperate with the new UN envoy, saying they would provide all possible support for his mission, Saudi state-news agency SPA reported.
During his meeting in Aden with the head of the international team of experts Mohamed Jendoubi, Al-Misri stressed that the Iran-backed Houthi militia was determined to continue the war in order to implement the Iranian agenda without any consideration for the interests of the Yemeni people.
He continued saying that the legitimate government was seeking peace through concessions made in negotiations in Geneva and Kuwait.
During the meeting, the Yemeni official reviewed the crimes committed by the Houthis against civilians and their intention to bomb residential neighborhoods in provinces and areas under their control and while using civilians as human shields to avoid air strikes.
Al-Misri said the government’s progress against the Houthis could be faster, but that its commitment to human rights meant the process would take longer.

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