Qatar creates self-reliance plan to counter Gulf Arab boycott


By Middle East Affairs

Reuters reports that Qatar launched Wednesday a five-year development plan to become more self-reliant, as it’s been facing a boycott from other Arab states since last June.

Titled the National Development Strategy for 2018-2022, the plan pledges to “rationalize energy consumption and encourage development of renewable energy while raising self-sufficiency levels for farming and fishing production,” according to Reuters.

The news organization states Qatar will aim to produce 30 percent of its demand for farm animals and 65 percent of its demand for fish by 2022.

According to the released document, only 6 percent of Qatar’s land is arable, and the country depends heavily on imports.

Saudi Arabia is leading a boycott against Qatar for alleged ties to terrorists. Egypt, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates followed suit.

The boycott has blocked imports by about 40 percent and led depositors to withdraw money from Qatar banks.

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