Explosive device detonates on Gaza border; Israel strikes Hamas outpost in response


By Middle East Affairs

Israeli military said Saturday that an explosive device detonated on the border with the Gaza Strip, and while there were no casualties or damage, the army struck a Hamas position in response.

Haaretz reports this as the fourth explosive incident in the last four weeks near the border between Gaza and Israel.

The bomb exploded roadside near the border fence in the northern Gaza Strip, according to a statement by Israel Defense Forces.

Haaretz said military responded with tank fire, which destroyed a Hamas outpost. Other media outlets said the forces fired three shells at a Hamas post east of Gaza City, and the Palestinian Health Ministry said one man maintained light injuries.

Other recent incidents include two roadside bombs that were detonated Thursday near the Gaza border, in which case Haaretz said the army suspects a rocket-propelled grenade was also fired at the soldiers.

IDF responded to that incident with tank fire and an airstrike that targeted five Hamas observation posts, according to Haaretz.

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