Iran official says proposed European sanctions would affect nuclear deal


By Middle East Affairs

If European nations form sanctions against Iran, it will have a direct effect on their nuclear deal, Iran’s deputy foreign minister said Friday, according to state media.

“In case some European countries are following steps to put non-nuclear sanctions against Iran in order to please the American president, they will be making a big mistake and they will see the direct result of that on the nuclear deal,” Abbas Araqchi said, according to state media.

“It’s better that European countries continue their current action to persuade America to keep its promises in the nuclear deal and for that country to effectively execute the deal in all its parts with good will and in a productive atmosphere.”

Reuters reported that Britain, France and Germany are proposing new sanctions against Iran for ballistic missiles, as well as its role in the Syria war.

The nations came together to discuss ways to meet U.S. President Donald Trump’s ultimatum that the 2015 international nuclear deal with Iran either be fixed of its “flaws” or that the United States will pull out of the agreement.

Details of the agreement included that Iran would curb its nuclear program if the other countries lifted their sanctions against it, which have critically wounded its economy.

Senior Iranian officials have repeatedly said they’ve stuck to their end of the bargain and that the nuclear deal is not up for changes or negotiation.

Reuters said the new sanctions proposal is “part of an E.U. strategy to show U.S. President Donald Trump that there are other ways to counter Iranian power abroad.”

The nations have until May 12 to convince Trump, which is when he must decide whether to give a fresh waiver to suspend sanctions against Iran.

If America pulls out of the agreement then the nuclear deal will be null, Araqchi said, according to a report published by the Mehr News agency on Saturday.

“If America exits the deal and unilateral sanctions return, we will definitely not continue the deal because it will not serve our interests,” media quoted Araqchi as saying.

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