Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi to serve 8 months in Israeli prison


By Middle East Affairs

Ahed Tamimi, Palestinian teenager and activist, has reached a plea deal and will serve eight months in prison, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday.

Tamimi was being tried in an Israeli military court after a viral video showed her hitting two Israeli soldiers in December in West Bank. The court had not yet decided whether to accept the agreement reached between prosecutors, HRW’s Omar Shakir told AFP.

Tamimi, who turned 17 last month in prison, was charged with assault and incitement. If the court accepts the agreement, she will plead guilty to only four of the 12 charges against her under the agreement, including assault, incitement and two counts of obstructing soldiers, according to AFP.

“The fact that the plea agreement provides for the dropping of all of counts of indictment that made her detention possible until the end of legal proceedings possible is proof that Tamimi’s arrest in the middle of the night, and that the legal proceedings against her were steps designed to settle scores,” Lasky told Haaretz.

The court has approved plea bargains for Ahed Tamimi’s cousin and mother, too, respectively Nur and Nariman Tamimi, who were also involved in the video. Nur Tamimi agreed to a suspended sentence of five months, according to Haaretz, and Nariman Tamimi will serve eight months in prison for participating the assault.

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