Yemen border guards receive training from US, Saudi security experts


Border guards affiliated with the legitimate Yemeni government have completed a “rigorous” training program in Riyadh, led by American and Saudi security professionals, according to a US embassy statement.

A total of 29 Republic of Yemen Government (ROYG) Border Guards completed the two-week course, the first such group to receive US-sponsored training since 2015, when the war in Yemen began.

Matthew Tueller, the US ambassador to Yemen, attended the March 15 graduation ceremony held at the Border Guard Institute in Riyadh. He met with ROYG and Saudi officials, as well as with several of the training instructors and participants, according to a statement from the US Embassy Sanaa issued from Jeddah.

“As a result of this joint Yemeni-US-Saudi initiative, Yemeni border guards are much better positioned to conduct check point operations, vehicle patrolling, advanced search and seizure techniques, and other methods to improve overall security on Yemen’s borders,” the statement said.

“The training marks a significant milestone in US Security Cooperation with Yemen as well as the ROYG’s efforts to re-establish a viable border protection force. The three countries plan to partner on a follow-up program later this year to train additional Yemeni guards.”

The news came as the US’ involvement in Yemen was reaffirmed after the US Senate on Tuesday rejected a resolution that would prohibit American troops from helping in the Saudi-led military campaign.

The resolution, which would halt US military involvement in the campaign against Iranian-backed Houthi rebels, was tabled 55-44, effectively shelving it for now.

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