Hamas names suspect in bomb attack on prime minister


By Middle East Affairs

Hamas has released the name a suspect in the assassination attempt on Palestinian prime minister Rami Hamdallah, according to AFP.

A roadside bomb went off on Hamdallah’s convoy March 13 while he and Majid Faraj, the Palestinian Authority’s intelligence chief were visiting the Gaza Strip. They were unhurt. Two days ago, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that he blamed armed group Hamas for the attack.

AFP reports that the interior ministry in Gaza said Wednesday it was searching for Anas abu Koussa, born in 1993, as the lead suspect.

The ministry did not release a possible motive against Hamdallah, who is head of government in president Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority.

According to AFP: “A Hamas security source said investigators had arrested and were questioning three people, including two members of the PA-run intelligence services. Another security source said he believed radical Salafist Muslims had planted the bomb, which lightly injured six people.”

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority — who have a decade-long rivalry over Gaza — seem near to calling off their weak reconciliation.On Monday Abbas blamed Hamas for the attack and said he would take new measures in response.

Palestinians also protested Wednesday in Gaza City against Abbas’ statement.

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