Hezbollah denies its positions on the borders of Syria have been compromised by Israeli air raids


Hezbollah on Sunday denied its positions on the borders of Syria had been compromised by any Israeli air raids, in statements to Hezbollah-affiliated media.

The group said neither it nor the Syrian army were bombed by Israel “in Baalbek or in Syria.”

Arabic media outlets reported that Israeli jets struck a number of Hezbollah positions along the Lebanon-Syria border on Sunday night, in reports that were not confirmed by either Hezbollah or the IAF.

The reports said the attacks were said to have occurred near the eastern Lebanese town of Baalbek, near the Syrian border.

A spokesperson for the Israeli military said she was aware of the reports in Arabic media, but could not comment further.

Lebanese media outlet Al-Jadeed news reported the loud sounds heard by residents of the area were not explosions, but Israeli planes breaking the sound barrier, causing sonic booms.

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