Yemeni army liberates new sites southwest of Saada


Yemen’s armed forces liberated several sites south-west of the Saada province from Iran-backed Houthi militants on Saturday, Saudi state-news channel Al-Ekhbariya reported.

“The National Army forces launched a new military operation in the Directorate of Al-Zaher, during which it fought heavy battles against the Houthi milita and managed to liberate Al-Aasem, Wattab Abu Aqal, Camp Al-Kamb and the rural Al-Malahiz hospital building,” sources said.

The sources added that “the Yemeni armed forces are engaged in fierce battles against the Houthi militia almost one kilometer from the center of the directorate.”

National Army forces liberated strategic positions in Al-Tabba Al-Hamra, Jinah Al-Saqr and a number of mountainous highlands.
The battles resulted in 15 Houthi militant deaths and the wounding of several others.

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