Arab League to discuss Israeli crimes against Palestine in emergency meeting


By Middle East Affairs

The Arab League on Tuesday will hold an emergency meeting over the recent killings of Palestinians at the Gaza border, Saudi state-news agency SPA reported.

Palestine requested the meeting, which will center on what Arab News called “Israeli violations against the Palestinians during a peaceful protest” on ‘Land Day’ on March 30. A viral video shows Palestinian men being shot in the back Friday as they left the protest and approached the border. The Israel Defense Forces’ main priority during the demonstrations has been to keep Gazans from crossing the Israeli border.

The news agency said that Assistant Arab League Secretary-General for Palestinian Affairs Saeed Abu Ali claimed the international community should take responsibility for putting an end to these killings and form an investigative committee to hold Israel accountable.

At least 17 Palestinian protestors were killed and more than 1,400 injured since Friday’s demonstrations.

The “right of return” demonstrations will last until May 15, which is Israel’s 70th anniversary of independence. Demonstrators plan to march past the border fence.

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