Coalition targeting of Houthi position in Sa’dah continues in support of Yemeni advance in the province


LONDON: Coalition airforce units have carried out more than 20 raids on Houthi militia positions in Sa’dah, Al Jawf and Al-Baidah.

Security sources confirmed the attacks targeted key positions for the Iranian-backed militia in Saudi Arabia namely, Baqim, Al-Buqua, and Malahiz.

In Al-Baidaa, coalition airforce units pounded the security headquarters building used as an assembly point for new Houthi recruits.

The coalitionoperations continued their raids in the hope of strangling the Houthi militia in their main base of Saada Province.

Yemeni forces resumed their advance in Saada from 4 sides.

In the last few days, the Yemeni army confirmed that its forces were closing in on “The Base Camp” and other strategic points on the road to Marran, the main area where Houthi militia movement started in Yemen.

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