Israel has 2 Palestinian bodies as death toll rises to 18


By Middle East Affairs

Israel said Sunday it had the bodies of two Palestinians, and the Palestinian Health Ministry announced another had died of injuries, bringing the number to 18 deaths since demonstrations began at the Gaza border on Friday.

Gaza, Suhair Zakkout, spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in the Gaza Strip, told Arab News that the Israeli authorities had confirmed they had two Palestinian bodies in custody, who died on the eastern border of Gaza.

“We inquired authorities to give further information to the families of the two bodies held in Israel,” Zakkout said. He also told the news agency that both parties under international law have to provide details on thee killed and detained, as well as return the bodies to their families.

The defense authorities, according to Arab News, say the bodies are of alleged Hamas members and called Friday’s demonstration a Hamas attack rather than a peaceful protest. The military’s priority was to keep protestors from crossing into the Israeli border. Arab News said the troops were instructed to “target the main instigators.”

Protests are supposed to last for six weeks and demonstrators plan to march through the Israeli border fence at the end.



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