Mohamed Salah becomes the face of Egypt’s new anti-drugs national campaign


Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah is once again the face of Egypt’s national anti-drugs campaign.

The “You Are Stronger Than Drugs” campaign was launched by the Fund for Drug Control and the Treatment of Addiction (FDCTA), affiliated with Egypt’s Ministry of Social Solidarity, according to a report in Al-Masry El-Youm newspaper.

Salah, who featured in the campaign’s previous ads, was earlier quoted as saying that his participation is in line with his belief in the importance of fighting drug addiction among Egyptian youth.

In the ad, a young man appears to be surrounded by a group of friends, including some who are drug addicts, whilst watching the World Cup qualifying match between Egypt and Congo.

As Congo scores a goal, the friends decide to stop following the match. But the young man continues to watch Salah while encouraging his teammates and then manages scores a goal against Congo, ensuring Egypt qualify for the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

“Get addicted to success, don’t get addicted to that which has dragged you backwards. You are stronger than surrender, don’t let (drugs) beat you. You are stronger than drugs. You definitely won’t let it beat you,” Salah says.

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