Video shows Ahed Tamimi’s interrogation


By Middle East Affairs

News agency The Daily Beast has given details of its exclusive access to footage of the Israeli forces’ interrogation of Palestinian teen activist Ahed Tamimi.

Ahed, 16 at the time, was arrested and tried after a viral video showed her in West Bank slapping the Israeli soldier who had recently shot her cousin in the head with a rubber bullet and put him in a coma. A judge has since accepted her plea bargain.

The Daily Beast says the interrogation video from Dec. 26 shows Ahed handcuffed and sitting at a desk in a police office. Her support team told the news organization that this footage showed her third interrogation.

She can be seen in the video, according to the Daily Beast, practicing her right to remain silent, while the police float in and out of different tactics, such as good cop-bad cop, flirting, and finally making threats against her family.

The viewpoint seemed to be from a camera on top of a computer, the news agency reported, showing Ahed refusing to say her name or partake in any conversation.

The Daily Beast described the footage:

“The interrogator, speaking in Hebrew-accented choppy Arabic, tries flirting in an overbearing and intimidating manner. ‘You have eyes like an angel,’ he says to the 16-year-old as she responds with a cold stare and silence.”

He then tries to relate to her by talking about his sister who is the same age as Ahed. A second interrogator, the news agency said, at times would tell the main interrogator to just give up.

The main interrogator insists that it’s not an interrogation at all and pleads with her to chat with him. The Daily Beast said he then starts to show her videos of what were probably the slapping incident and protests in her hometown.

“The expression on her face softens,” The Daily Beast said. “The interrogator pounces. ‘Your mom, this is the voice of your mom! Whose voice is that?'”

Although the news organization said she appears distressed at this point, Ahed continues to remain quiet.

Yet when the second interrogator threatens to arrest her family and friends, “Ahed’s expression melts into a look of horror followed by melancholy.”

“’I don’t want to bring those children here,’ the interrogator tells her in English. ‘I pray that you take the easy way. You don’t want me to speak with those children, right?’ he says, referring to Ahed’s friends and family. As the interrogation winds down, with Ahed still silent, the interrogator takes a final desperate stab at breaking the teen with threats of violence upon those she’s closest to.”

“’Think about it, OK?’ he coaxes. ‘I don’t need you to speak, we know. They will suffer this place.’”



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