Egypt’s parliament approves establishing anti-terrorism council

  • New Supreme Council for combatting Terrorism to be voted in by parliament in Egypt
  • The council will set the strategy to coordinate all state efforts to eradicate terrorism
Egypt’s parliament has approved the articles of a new law to establish the Supreme Council for Combating Terrorism.
The preliminary approval of all 20 articles of the new law modifies a presidential decree which first regulated the council, Egyptian newspapers said.
It will replace the National Council to combat terrorism and extremism suggested by President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi in 2017. The council will set a strategy to mass all state institutions to eradicate both external and internal terrorism without messing with freedom rights.
Parliament speaker Ali Abdel-Aal ‎announced that the final vote on the law ‎will be postponed until a later meeting.
“As ‎we lack two-thirds of MPs as required by ‎the constitution, I decide to postpone the ‎final vote to a later date,” said Abdel-Aal as quoted by Ahram Online.
The council’s main location will be in Cairo, and its head will have to call for meeting every two months.

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