Yemen army halts Houthi infiltration attempts in Al-Hess

  • Coalition forces halt infiltration attempt by Houthi militia in Al Hess, near Al Hudaydah in Yemen
  • Houthis lost 30 militants in the failed infiltration attempt says Saudi Arab coalition
DUBAI: Yemen’s national army and Popular Resistance forces supported by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition halted attempts Houthi militias backed by Iran in Al-Hess ​​in the province of Hodeidah, Al Ekhbariya reported on Tuesday.
A military source in the west coast front said in a statement to Yemen’s official news agency that “forces repelled the attempt of infiltration of Houthi from several axes and destroyed Houthi weapons,” with more than 30 killed.
The source added that “the response to the infiltration attempt coincided with raids by the Arab coalition jets and targeted military reinforcements and stores of weapons and ammunition and gatherings of the Houthi militia.”
Dozens of Iranian military vehicles were also destroyed as a result of air raids and artillery shelling on militia positions.

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