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U.N. Security Council likely to meet Monday over Syria chemical attack

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visit the Hmeymim air base in Latakia Province, Syria December 11, 2017. Picture taken December 11, 2017. Sputnik/Mikhail Klimentyev/ via REUTERS/File Photo

By Middle East Affairs

The United Nations Security Council will likely meet Monday afternoon to discuss the Syrian government’s recent use of chemical weapons on civilians in rebel-besieged Douma.

Medical relief organization Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) and the civil defense service stated jointly that the attack on Douma Saturday caused 49 deaths. Reuters said officials were working Sunday to verify details of the attack.

“UK, France, US, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, Kuwait, Peru and Cote d’Ivoire have called an emergency meeting of #UNSC to discuss reports of chemical weapons attack in #Syria. Meeting expected on Monday,” the British mission to the United Nations tweeted.

According to Reuters, the meeting was requested by the United States and several other council members.

U.S. President Donald Trump said Sunday there would be a “big price to pay” after medical aid groups reported that dozens of people died from exposure to a poisonous gas.

“Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world. President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price to pay,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Reuters said Syrian state media denied government involvement in the chemical attack as soon as the accusations started flying and said rebels in the eastern Ghouta town of Douma “were in a state of collapse and spreading false news.” Russia, an ally of the Syrian government, also called the report fake.