Egyptian wife seeks divorce from husband who gave her his kidney


An Egyptian husband who donated one of his kidneys to save his wife was surprised to learn that she wanted to divorce him.

Egyptian media covered the story of a husband who underwent a kidney transplant to save his wife after she suffered kidney failure.

But he was shocked when his wife filed for a Khula — a legal Islamic form of divorce initiated by the wife — only six months after the operation. The husband, Mohammad, claimed there’s no clear reason behind the divorce case.

He said they were a happily married couple throughout their nine years of marriage, during which they were blessed with two daughters.

“We are like every other couple who have gone through some troubles, she left our home more than once and asked me for a divorce during heated moments, but I never imagined that she would file for a Khula after a long married life,” Mohammad said.

Mohammad reportedly submitted documents of the kidney transplant to the court, proving that he underwent the surgery to save her life.

“When all treatments had failed, and there was no alternative but a kidney transplant, I gave her my kidney to relieve her pain … and also to prevent my daughters from seeing their mother die before their eyes,” he said.

Mohammad said he proceeded with his decision to donate a kidney despite opposition from his own family, because of his wife’s frequent requests for divorce.

He said, she subsequently left the house and asked me for a divorce saying, “she could not bear living with me,” without giving any specifics.

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