Terrorism financier attends son’s wedding in Qatar


Dubai: Qatari press and media outlets have published photographs of Abdulrahman Al-Nuaimi at his son’s wedding in Doha,Al Arabiya English reported.

Al-Nuaimi was labeled a terrorist by the US government in December 2013, and the UN in September 2014, for providing financial support to terrorist organizations.

The US Department of the Treasury said Al-Nuaimi, 64, provided millions of dollars to Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Al-Nuaimi formerly headed the Football Association of Qatar and was the founder and a board member of the Qatar-based Eid Charity that was listed as a terrorist entity by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.

Al-Nuaimi was also among ten named on Qatar’s terror list released in March, this year.

Qatari newspaper Al Raya extended congratulations to Al-Nuaimi on the marriage of his son. “Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Nuaimi celebrates his son’s wedding this evening. Congratulations!” was the message published in conjunction with photos of the wedding.

Several social media accounts belonging to Al-Nuaimi’s sons, displayed photographs of the wedding featuring a number of prominent Qatari personalities. Among the guests at the wedding was Abdullah Al-Sulaiti, who identifies himself as an “adviser in the oil industry, a writer with the Qatari newspaper Al Raya, and former editor-in-chief of Qatari newspaper Al Sharq.”

The British government has recently listed Al-Nuaimi, the current head of the Geneva-based Al-Karama Center for Human Rights, on their sanctions list for suspected funding of militant groups. Britain’s decision came 10 months after Qatari Al-Nuaimi was placed on a US embargo list, a British government spokesman said.

The US Treasury Department said in December 2014 that Al-Nuaimi “is one of the most important supporters of hard-line Sunni Iraqis in Qatar and is believed to have transferred more than $2 million a month to Al-Qaeda in Iraq over a period of time.”

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