Israel destroys Hamas tunnel that crossed the Gaza border


By Middle East Affairs

The tunnel destroyed this weekend was located near the site of Palestinian protests at the Gaza-Israel border. The Israel Defense Force had been saying it feared that Hamas would use the demonstrations as a decoy for further terror attacks in Israel.
Haaretz said the IDF destroyed the tunnel by pumping materials into it that would render it useless and not allow for reconstruction.
Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman congratulated the IDF via Twitter and confronted Gaza residents as to how their aid money is being spent.
“Citizens of Gaza, Hamas is burning your money on tunnels going nowhere. We’ll get our hands on all of them.”
Intelligence Affairs Minister Yisrael Katz followed up with the claim: “The era of the tunnel threat is at an end.”
Palestinians have been protesting along the Gaza-Israel border since March 30 as a call to return to their homeland. The “Great March of Return” will last six weeks. Israeli troops posted along the border were ordered to prevent protesters from crossing the border into Israel. So far 34 Palestinians have been killed, with 27 of the deaths happening during the demonstrations.
Four Palestinian members of the Islamic Jihad organization Al-Quds Brigades also died Saturday when their explosives accidentally detonated near Rafah in the Gaza Strip.

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